This CLB Learning Opportunity Call and Live Conference, may IGNITE a chain of events that may change your Life Forever. Especially once you discover how easy you too can duplicate these 5 wealth generating steps! Imagine a world of possibilities all pointing to lasting prosperity and success.

CLB 5 Step Success Blueprint Webinar
Calgary, AB
Monday, 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST

"Janet Legere's CLB Learning's Success Blueprint, gives you everything needed to create a powerful, income producing, online marketing machine."

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Janet & Don Legere

"Contact List Builder is not another program; CLB is a philosphy where the long road to success is a shorted to five simple steps!"

John Taylor, Internet Marketer

Every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern


We offer CLB Learning Opportunity calls every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern (For reference, that’s New York and Toronto time check local time here Our calls are designed for you and your prospects, to learn more about CLB Learning and how together you can begin to successfully build a profitable list online. This powers your business and theirs. So share CLB Learning.

We help make sense out of the non-sense. Our live calls are held online in our GVO Conference flash room – no downloads, works on PC or Mac and works on Dialup and Highspeed … if you are on dialup or satellite, it’s best to close all other programs, especially email programs and instant messenger programs such as Skype.

Webinar Protocols

It is not required for you to have a microphone or webcam, there is a text chat capability in the room and we encourage participation. We do ask that you keep your text chat on topic while on the call and refrain from sharing personal or business information in the chat unless asked to do so by the speaker. Please maintain a courteous presence at all times. We respect and recognize that we are a global community and welcome everyone from around the world. By entering our conference Webinar, you are agreeing to follow these simple protocols. Enjoy the Webinar. Here are instructions to access the conference room.

Accessing Our Online Conference room!

When you click the link below to login to our Webinar, a popup will appear once the room has loaded. You will be asked for the following information:

Your Name: Please enter YOUR First Name AND Last Name in this box. In the picture you can see how I have entered my name, Janet Legere. You may need to select NO to the I am a Moderator Option.

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